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Lionel [offer] - 3 Yakishime YAMADA SO kyusu

by Lionel » Jan 27th, '14, 07:28

I am in relation with a japanese Ceramics Trader in Tokoname.
I asked him a few weeks ago about the last firing of Yamada So 山田 想. Because I was looking for a Yakishime (=wood-fired) kyusu. He sent me photos of 6 kyusu. 3 are already sold, but 3 remain. I share this with TC members.

This is not a commercial operation. I am in just an intermediate between this japanese trader and someone interested in such a kyusu. My aim is not to make any commercial profit.
I will receive all the kyusu in France, 3 for me and French friends, and these 3 Yakishime ones, if people here are interested... I can then send those 3 wherever in the world...

It is more and more difficult to find kyusu by this more and more famous artist. So I thought it would be nice to share this opportunity here.

Here are the volume and price of each kyusu.
This is the price of the teapot only.
Additional costs are :
- shipping costs Japan-France : total divided by the number of teapots concerned
- shipping costs France-Country where the kyusu will go
- if there are customs taxes, from Japan to France, these taxes will be paid by buyers
- payments taxes will be paid by the buyer too (paypal...).
The total cost of each kyusu will be calculated later when everything is known (number of kyusu, shipping costs and taxes...).

Contact me by PM if you are interested, or to have more information.

IMPORTANT : this offer will end on Thursday 30th of January.

26S145 : 270 ml - 27.000 JPY - 265 USD - 195 euros
26S146 : 270 ml - 26.000 JPY - 255 USD - 190 euros/ SOLD
26S147 : 250 ml - 23.000 JPY - 230 USD - 170 euros
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Re: Lionel [offer] - 3 Yakishime YAMADA SO kyusu

by Lionel » Jan 30th, '14, 03:30

LAST DAY : today at 8 pm Paris I will close this topic.

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Re: Lionel [offer] - 3 Yakishime YAMADA SO kyusu

by bliss » Jan 30th, '14, 04:41

Just wanted to add that high resolution (and additional photos) are available from Lionel. I found that useful :mrgreen:

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