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Jan 24th, '07, 16:12
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Offer: Lavender's great white tea giveaway

by LavenderPekoe » Jan 24th, '07, 16:12

These teas have now all been spoken for. Thanks for everyone's interest!

I have officially decided that I don't like white teas. I have some I would like to go to good homes of people who would like to try them.

All sample sizes have at least a small amount missing as I did try them. They are probably around a year old (I don't remember for sure) so they need to be drunk soon. But, they have been in the sample tins and have only been opened a few times.

I have 1 sample of each of the following:
Song Yang Serenade
White a cappella
White Assam
White Blueberry
White Pear
White Tangerine
White Tropics

I also have some Revolution Teas infuser bags (quite a few) in White Pear and White Tangerine.

I would like to trade for something a bit more to my liking, but, if you can't, I can send some of this anyway as it is just sitting here getting old.

PM me your information if you are interested.