Apr 5th, '06, 22:58
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Offer and Wanted: Adagio teas for trade!

by kodama » Apr 5th, '06, 22:58

All teas have now been spoken for. Thanks!

I think that non-Adagio should be game, but I would understand otherwise.

Have to trade:
Moonlight Gyokuro
Irish Breakfast
Jasmine... whatever jasmine was in the Oolong sampler
Eroica Caravan/Lapsang Souchong

Two kinds of Japanese kabusecha (in between sencha and gyokuro)
Two kinds of Japanese Hoojicha (yum!)
Temple of Heaven Sp. Gunpowder
Chinese National Pu-Erh Tuocha

Ooooh Darjeeling
Oolong 18/40
Any Adagio unflavored white
Li Zi
Pi Lo Chun
Rooibos (straight)

Decent Pu-erh
Any non-a Ti Kuan Yin