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Mar 21st, '08, 09:40
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Offer: 4oz Pumpkin Spice black tea

by Mary R » Mar 21st, '08, 09:40

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From: apajax6
To: Mary R

Offer: 4oz Pumpkin Spice black tea

I got this tea for Valentine's Day and just tried it last week and decided it wasn't really my cup of tea. I'm still a bit new to the world of tea and generally just like a plainer black tea. I'd like to trade for something along those lines (I am a big fan of Earl Grey as well as the Irish and English breakfast teas, if that gives you an idea).

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Mar 25th, '08, 13:03
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Contact: apajax6

by apajax6 » Mar 25th, '08, 13:03

Swap plans have been made, thanks!