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Dec 4th, '05, 10:53
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by LavenderPekoe » Dec 4th, '05, 10:53

Ok, secret it is. Everyone who is interested PM me your email address and the link to your wishlist and I will send them out. I will give everyone till Friday to pipe up. That should give us plenty of time to order and have the gifts arrive.

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Dec 9th, '05, 10:40
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by LavenderPekoe » Dec 9th, '05, 10:40

All emails have been sent. Please let me know if you didn't receive one.

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Dec 14th, '05, 11:45
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Contact: Tadiera

by Tadiera » Dec 14th, '05, 11:45

I received my gift yesterday (shall we announce who our SS was, or wait?). :)

Thank you!

I received:
- 4oz. Lemon Grass (Yay! I can add this to my building collection of herbals to use for colds and such)
- Hibiscus Sample (oddly enough, the roommate also just decided to get a sample - I guess we both have the same curiousities? Oh well! This one can stay at work!)
- Apricot Green Sample (Been meaning to try this - if I hadn't hurt my IngenuiTEA, I already would've!)

This is fun. :) Secret Santa things are fun and the TeaWish makes it even easier. Hurray for Adagio. :)

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Dec 16th, '05, 20:08
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by Serenity » Dec 16th, '05, 20:08

I received my Secret Santa gift tonight!! Thank you so much, I Love it!!!!

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Dec 27th, '05, 15:21
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by klemptor » Dec 27th, '05, 15:21

I don't know who my Secret Santa was, but, whoever you were, thank you so much! I got the creamer & sugar bowl on Friday and was so excited when I opened them on Christmas morning!

They're gorgeous and cute and they look great with my Mikado teapot.

Thanks again!

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Jan 9th, '06, 15:32
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by LavenderPekoe » Jan 9th, '06, 15:32

Well, I think we were waiting on you to get back, since your gift wasn't sent, although I guess that really doesn't/didn't matter. :) If you all want to tell, go right ahead. I don't think there are any suprises left, except who is sending to you.

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Jan 11th, '06, 11:16
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by LavenderPekoe » Jan 11th, '06, 11:16

LadyA, you were not a hassle and your tea was ordered and sent on the 9th. :D