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Nov 26th, '08, 03:39
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by ABx » Nov 26th, '08, 03:39

I would really like to get some empty double-lidded tins - the type with the plug type "aroma lid" that fits tightly, and then another that slips over the outside. I particularly like the black ones from Rishi and the slightly smaller ones from Tao of Tea. (Honestly though, I'd be happy for just about any good quality space saving tins as long as they don't have clear windows.)

I have a variety of things I could trade: a couple better quality black teas, tinsanes (roobios, yerba mate, ayurvedic tea, more), a couple oolongs, maybe some shu/cooked puerh, I might have some basic oolongs, and can always do samples of better oolongs and/or puerh. I might even be able to do some basic teaware like a gaiwan, small porcelain gongfu teapot, cups, etc. etc.. Let me know your tastes or what kind of things you're interested in and I'll see what I have; I have a lot, so I'm sure we can figure out something :) If you're a newbie looking for an intro into oolongs or puerh then I could definitely put a good intro collection of stuff together for you :)

Of course if you just want to send me some then I could live with that too :lol: