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Apr 12th, '09, 22:09
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Offer: Gaiwan for trade

by TheJerseyDevil » Apr 12th, '09, 22:09

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I have a gaiwan from Teavanna that I'd like to trade. I purchased two of them at the same time because for some reason I thought I would need a duplicate :P It retails for $15.95. I am not sure the exact size of it, but it fills the average mug to about 3/5ths to the top.

I cannot find the exact item on the Teavanna website, but it has the same design as this: ... er-Mug.axd

The Gaiwan is unused and in its original packaging.

I would like to exchange it for another gaiwan or some other brewing vessel of comparable quality.

Apr 13th, '09, 14:20
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by Dreamer » Apr 13th, '09, 14:20

I have the same gaiwan. It is a pretty piece...I'm sure it will fit right in on someone's tea ware shelf!


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Apr 17th, '09, 19:02
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by TheJerseyDevil » Apr 17th, '09, 19:02

The gaiwan is gone :)
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