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May 1st, '09, 01:02
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TheJerseyDevil: Offer: 4oz Formosa Oolong for *anything*

by TheJerseyDevil » May 1st, '09, 01:02

Mod edit: Under 3 month membership, but member in good standing otherwise. Mod approved!

I accidentally bought two bags instead of one from DragonWater. It's a decent Oolong tea in an unopened pouch. Delicious brewed hot or iced =). You can find it here, where I got it for $6. I'd just like to trade because I have another bag of this, which means there is no way I'll get to it before it starts to lose freshness.

I'm looking to trade for virtually anything. I'll settle for a bunch of little samples of anything that isn't listed below, even if it's just in some ziplock bags, tea ware you don't use, I'll entertain any offer.

Please don't take the fact that I'll accept anything as a declaration of low quality! I realized after writing this that it almost seems as though I'm desperate to get rid of this. I have another bag of it that is just under half full, and the truth is, I'll never be able to use both bags before the majority of the second loses freshness. I'm willing to accept anything because I don't have my mind on any single item and am open to try anything.

What I already have:
pouchong, almond oolong, silver needle, snowbud, white peony, white peach, white tangerine, white pear, white symphony, pi lo chun, green anji, sencha overture, white monkey, gunpowder, casablanca twist, genmai cha, mandarin green,
apricot green, cocomint green, spiced green, green anji, mango green, vanilla green, irish breakfast, pu er poe, ceylon sonata.

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Jun 10th, '09, 00:10
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by sneakers » Jun 10th, '09, 00:10

I sent you a PM. Please check your mailbox.

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Jun 17th, '09, 22:34
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by TheJerseyDevil » Jun 17th, '09, 22:34

Please close this mod, a swap has been arranged :)