Israeli tea vendor or blend suggestions

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Dec 15th, '17, 23:15
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Israeli tea vendor or blend suggestions

by Ayleid » Dec 15th, '17, 23:15

Hi there! Super excited to find this forum!

I did a quick search here and didn't seem to find similar topics, but apparently there are a decent number of Israeli members? I'm going to Israel for a month in less than 36 hours (eep!) and one of the things I'm doing is taking a culinary tour of the country!

Does anyone have recommendations for tea blends? For places I should check out (tea houses, vendors, etc)? I'm going to be in Tel Aviv for a good while, but I'll be traveling around as well.


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Dec 29th, '17, 14:00
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Re: Israeli tea vendor or blend suggestions

by michael » Dec 29th, '17, 14:00


Hoping you're enjoying your time in Tel Aviv. Would highly recommend connecting with the folks at Wysotski tea. They love regaling visitors with the company's storied past.

For a local take on gourmet teas, suggest connecting with the lovely people at Ocha Ask for Alon and Irina.

Enjoy your exploration of Israeli fine teas!

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