Visiting China

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May 8th, '06, 23:20
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Visiting China

by JK » May 8th, '06, 23:20

Can anyone recommend a must-go place in China to learn about chinese teas? I am travelling later this year on a TESOL contract and want to base myself in an area with a thriving teahouse and market scene. Sichuan Province seems most obvious at this stage...

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May 10th, '06, 12:42
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by anonymouscelebrity » May 10th, '06, 12:42

i just came back from vacationing in china and one city i visited was guilin, well known for it's tea farms.

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May 13th, '06, 12:26
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Contact: MarshalN

by MarshalN » May 13th, '06, 12:26

Very late in replying...

But you should go to Fujian. Fujian is where a lot of the more famous teas are from, and you can buy local teas that are often many times cheaper than prices in the States.

If you want convenience, you can go to Hong Kong. More expensive, but a wide selection and they might speak English, which is always an added bonus. That, and they're very unlikely to try to rip you off with fake stuff. In China, you're never sure, and if you don't know tea very well, you can be paying top dollar for medium grade tea. In Hong Kong, you don't have to worry about that.

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May 15th, '06, 11:47
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by rabbit » May 15th, '06, 11:47

I want to go to china so bad :(

Sep 18th, '06, 15:17
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by runrabbit » Sep 18th, '06, 15:17

Fujian is really good for oolongs and there are some decent teachers to be found there. Be careful, there are a lot of fakes. I think your first instinct is most correct. You'll be missing out on the oolong thing (which you can remedy by travelling there on holiday) but you'll be much better placed for some other plantations (lots of greens, if I remember correctly) and types of teas (it's a quick trip to Yunnan for the PuEr). You'll also be on the Silk Road which has a slightly romantic, historical appeal. (Fujian is on the coast so the teas were shipped out). Tian Fu (Ten Ren in the States) has opened a factory in Chengdu (they also have on in Fujian. For as standard and commericalised as this company is, they have some good teachers and are honest about answering you. If they don't know, they say they don't know and then look it up for you - this is an exteme rarity in China. It would be fun to get to Hangzhou where the Dragon Well/Longjing is in the Spring. Let me know if you need help.

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