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Aug 20th, '14, 00:02
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Re: Singapore

by daintydimsum » Aug 20th, '14, 00:02

kyarazen wrote:
daintydimsum wrote:Hi all! I've relocated to SG; anyone knows if Chinese Tea House is still selling teas? (Even if it no longer has a shopfront.)
welcome to singapore!..

yes chinese tea house is still selling teas, either wholesale or direct to consumers.

you can contact them at
35 Tannery Rd, Singapore 347740
+65 6841 3959
awesome! looking forward to contacting them :)

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Aug 30th, '14, 19:23
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Re: Singapore

by JBaymore » Aug 30th, '14, 19:23

This is happening in Singapore in a few days: ... 74180393-0

Yes.... my work is included.



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Re: Singapore

by Arioche » Sep 22nd, '14, 12:40

Hope this isn't a dead topic, but two tea places I will recommend in Singapore, both in Chinatown, are Enjoy Tea (18 Sago Street) and Pek Sin Choon (36 Mosque Street).

Take note, however, that since Pek Sin Choon mainly deals in wholesale, their store is very no-nonsense. Definitely not the place you'd want to go to if you're looking for a fancy set-up, but the tea is good and the boss is very amicable. You can get some really dang good stuff if you know what to ask for.

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Oct 25th, '14, 06:15
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Re: Singapore

by Teaism » Oct 25th, '14, 06:15

Teaism wrote:I have visited the place many times since 90s. They have a lot of Taiwanese wares. The mood and atmosphere is nice. If the boss, Carrie, serve you it would be nice. Some info in the place:
20 hoot kiam road
tel : 63344212
hours :
Mon -sat 11 am -7 pm
sunday and ph closed

This is probably the 4 th time they shifted and now located in a one of an old shophouses in central area.
The tea, tea wares and atmosphere is good but some customers find the items are highly priced. I think the higher price is justifiable as the boss travel and hand picked all items. The shop is also standalone, so if you visit the place, they know you make all the effort to go there, and not happen to pass by (which also means you lose your bargaining power and not excuse not to purchase). I think generally if you are highly regarded to be a spendthrift customer, willing to pay more to find special wares and look for good atmosphere, and being well served by the boss, then it is place to go. I enjoy the place personally having been there often and treated well by the boss, but some of my tea friends are intimidated by the place and price. So it is a personal experience kind of shop.


Just to update that Tea Bone Zen Mind has shifted to:

98 Emerald Hill Road, Singapore 229374
Phone at +65 6334 4212, Fax at +65 6333 4540 or e-mail at Open from Monday to Saturday from 11am – 7pm.
Website :


Cheers! :D

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Feb 21st, '15, 22:25
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Re: Singapore

by jayinhk » Feb 21st, '15, 22:25

Will be in SG next week...can't wait :) Pek Sin Choon sounds well worth a visit :)

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