May Tea Tour of Korea

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Feb 23rd 14 3:19 am
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May Tea Tour of Korea

by Chip » Feb 23rd 14 3:19 am

Tea Tour Korea May 9-25, 2014 (arriving in Korea on May 8th) Price at No-Profit ... 6-10 participants.
In a recent discussion with Arthur of Morning Crane, he mentioned that his tea tour of Korea has two spots remaining due to 2 participants having to back out due to a family matter.

Time is of the essence as the tour is in May of this year. ... ement.html

Arthur mentioned that this is not money making tour for him, he is "giving back."

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Feb 24th 14 3:36 am
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Re: May Tea Tour of Korea

by AdamMY » Feb 24th 14 3:36 am

Nice post. I really tried to sign up for this trip but in the planning stage it became clear that it wouldn't really be feasible with the amount of PTO I'd have built up by the time of the trip.

The trip sounds incredible, if you are the least bit interested in Korean Tea and Teaware certainly give it a look.

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Apr 10th 14 9:21 am
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Re: May Tea Tour of Korea

by Tead Off » Apr 10th 14 9:21 am

I'm late to this thread and just wanted to say that Arthur is a wonderful guy as well as his wife. I've met them a couple of times in Korea and it's always a pleasure. You couldn't ask for a better guide for a trip like this.