Photos from Japan

Culture, language, tangibles, intangibles from countries known for tea. China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, India, etc...

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Sep 21st, '14, 08:54
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Photos from Japan

by Xell » Sep 21st, '14, 08:54

Occasionally can spend time with camera outside, though not as often as i would like :)

Uploaded recent photos to blog

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Sep 21st, '14, 16:16
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Re: Photos from Japan

by rdl » Sep 21st, '14, 16:16

Beautiful photographs. I've never been to Nagasaki but seeing your images I'd like to visit.
The Hagi photograph brings back beautiful memories. During my visits to Hagi I would go to the beach by Mount Shizuki each late afternoon to evening with my son and then watch the sun set. Do you have other Hagi photographs? I like to see through others eyes as well.
Thank you for sharing.

Sep 21st, '14, 17:11
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Re: Photos from Japan

by daidokorocha » Sep 21st, '14, 17:11

Stunning photos. I've never been able to make it to Nagasaki and it would be interesting purely out of historical interest seeing as I've been forced to read so much about Nagasaki throughout my studies. I was thinking of spending the summer in Fukuoka, so it may be a possibility, although it is looking more and more like my summer will be spent in Osaka instead. Though now I momentarily regret this choice after viewing your photos. The rivers in Japan always make me laugh for their behavior, but they are truly beautiful. Your shot of the sea (the one available in both color and black and white) with the wet rocks reminds me of many teaware seen on this board and only makes me appreciate both the natural landscape and the wares even more. I certainly can smell the sweet air from here. Thank you for sharing!

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Sep 22nd, '14, 20:08
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Re: Photos from Japan

by hopeofdawn » Sep 22nd, '14, 20:08

Lovely photographs--you have a really good eye for composition and color!

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Sep 23rd, '14, 12:27
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Re: Photos from Japan

by Poseidon » Sep 23rd, '14, 12:27

Wonderful shots. I need to get over there one day... Its so beautiful.

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Sep 29th, '14, 10:59
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Re: Photos from Japan

by chingwa » Sep 29th, '14, 10:59

Beautiful photos Xell, someday I'd like to get down to Kyushu.

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