Narita airport tea shopping

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Nov 9th, '14, 04:53
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Narita airport tea shopping

by KongDaWei » Nov 9th, '14, 04:53

Hi all,
I'll be traveling through Narita next week and plan to do some extensive tea shopping. I have a short layover so I don't have enough time to explore each and every shop in the International Terminal.
Does anyone have any tips about which shops are best for tea and what particularly good products are available at Narita?
I'd like to buy the best quality matcha, gyokuro, and sencha available there. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Nov 9th, '14, 06:43
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Narita airport tea shopping

by Pig Hog » Nov 9th, '14, 06:43

There are a couple of generic Here, Buy Some Japanese Stuff type shops that sell a few teas but I never spotted anything specific.

No idea what the quality would be like there. To be honest I don't know that an airport is really the best place to be looking for quality tea. Why not just buy online?

Nov 9th, '14, 07:32
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Re: Narita airport tea shopping

by ethan » Nov 9th, '14, 07:32

Japan is expensive; airports are expensive; so, one would guess buying tea at Narita Airport is.....
When I had several hours to kill, I went into Narita "village" which was cute, but I did not find great "buys".
The airport seems to have some of the best Udon soup. Even when not hungry, I would get one.

Nov 10th, '14, 22:31
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Re: Narita airport tea shopping

by KongDaWei » Nov 10th, '14, 22:31

Thanks for the responses - ordering online while visiting the U.S. is my back-up plan.
I'll just use whatever time I have in the International Terminal to buy an assortment and hope for the best.

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