Numb Tongue?

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Nov 22nd, '14, 22:31
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Numb Tongue?

by toasterburn » Nov 22nd, '14, 22:31

I've just bought a bag of Adagio's Black Tea with Hibiscus in it; I've had a cup every night this week and loved it. Well tonight I got into a conversation and overstepped it a bit, but it tasted fine so I drank it anyway. About half way through the cup, I noticed my tongue had gone very numb; numb enough where I could bite it and not feel it. I stopped drinking, and feeling slowly returned. This is the first time it's happened. Any idea what caused it?

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Nov 25th, '14, 17:48
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Re: Numb Tongue?

by heliospace » Nov 25th, '14, 17:48

A minor stroke? Too much caffeine? I'd consult a doctor before consulting the Internet. :-) Cheers!

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Nov 25th, '14, 18:10
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Re: Numb Tongue?

by entropyembrace » Nov 25th, '14, 18:10

it was most likely just too astringent...oversteeped black tea with hibiscus would be very astringent :lol:

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