Studying Abroad In Hong Kong

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May 30th 15 6:11 pm
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Re: Studying Abroad In Hong Kong

by TeaDizzle » May 30th 15 6:11 pm

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Jun 29th 15 6:33 pm
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Re: Studying Abroad In Hong Kong

by kstolz3419 » Jun 29th 15 6:33 pm

Hi Teadizzle, I spent the last 4 years living and working in Hong Kong and also traveled for work around the mainland.

I'm not sure if you're asian-american or not, but as an American in China you will most likely be easy to spot as a tourist. In order to avoid scams, I would recommend keeping a close watch of your valuables at all times and you should probably assume nearly everyone is trying to rip you off. There are many awesome people in China, but also many scammers who target tourists. I spent a lot of time in Kunming and can suggest a great tea shop where the owners are honest and speak English if you're interested.

As for HK... I think you'll see that it's very different from the mainland. People will be generally more helpful and trustworthy. However, there will be big crowds wherever you go. As for food, I loved HK's food culture. There's great indian and thai food all over the place, and also great turkish, greek, japanese, shanghainese, and of course dim sum. Some of the best foodie areas are also the busiest... Tsim Sha Tsui, Lan Kwai Fong and Central, Causeway Bay... but you can also find great local places almost anywhere.

As for the teas, you will probably be disappointed with most of the generic tea found in the local restaurants... they basically serve it instead of water and it will be cheap and oversteeped in the wrong proportions. You can find good tea shops to purchase your own, or drop some serious $$$ and try a high tea at a place like the Peninsula Hotel in TST or the Ritz Carlton in ICC. It's a good experience and the tea is great, but be prepared to pay.

Probably my #1 suggestion is if you like the outdoors, then you should go hiking in Hong Kong. The trails there are well kept and have various difficulties, and almost all of them have amazing views overlooking dramatic mountains, harbors, and city scape. There are plenty of websites that will tell you how to access them with public transit or taxis.

If you have any other questions, feel free to message me and I will do my best to point you in the right direction.