Fangcun (Guangzhou) and Wukuaishi (Chengdu) Tea Markets

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Apr 14th 15 12:04 am
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Fangcun (Guangzhou) and Wukuaishi (Chengdu) Tea Markets

by LowInFat » Apr 14th 15 12:04 am

This May/June, I'll be traveling China from Hong Kong to Chengdu. Of the cities I'll visit, I understand the largest tea markets are Fangcun in Guangzhou and Wukuaishi in Chengdu. I'll also be in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Yangshuo, Guiyang, Zunyi, and Chongqing. I know HK and SZ are good for tea, but I'll be rushed when visiting those places. As for the others, I don't know if they're great for tea, but if anyone knows of some places there do let me know! Mainly, though, I'm looking to spend some time at Fangcun and Wukuaishi.

I was wondering if anyone's been? Have any pictures? Any suggestions for good shops? Haggling tips? Teas to avoid? Help detecting fakes? I want to bring back some good stuff, mainly puerh (I'm guessing Guangzhou will be better for that). Probably 3-5 cakes and maybe some other teas if I find some greens/oolongs that tickle my fancy. Any tips/advice are appreciated.


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Apr 14th 15 7:29 pm
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Re: Fangcun (Guangzhou) and Wukuaishi (Chengdu) Tea Markets

by wyardley » Apr 14th 15 7:29 pm

I haven't visited with him myself, but I do know a tea merchant who, last I know of, was based in Shenzhen. He has some interesting tea and teaware, an interesting perspective, and has experimented with producing his own traditional tieguanyin. Let me know if you do manage to visit his shop.