Can someone help me what I have?

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May 11th, '16, 02:05
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Can someone help me what I have?

by mas_oahu » May 11th, '16, 02:05

I got this from my grandpa but I have no idea and can't read what it says. Can someone help me with this?

[img] ... 4555cf.jpg[/img]

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May 12th, '16, 07:24
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Re: Can someone help me what I have?

by jayinhk » May 12th, '16, 07:24

Japanese matcha set. Looks nice, too. Is there tea powder in the container?

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May 13th, '16, 11:31
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Re: Can someone help me what I have?

by rdl » May 13th, '16, 11:31

Am I correct in thinking you are asking how to use these matcha utensils? I cannot read what is written on the tea bowl box, but if you search Youtube for videos on how to prepare matcha, you will find all the information you need. There are topics also on TeaChat you can search for. Your bowl and spoons and whisks are all for powder tea, and you can casually prepare it or go as far as following tea ceremony rituals.
I am guessing, but I believe your tea bowl is a Hagiyaki bowl, made in the city of Hagi, Japan.
Enjoy your new treasures.

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