OTTI/NOTTI still going on?

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Sep 10th, '14, 03:04
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OTTI/NOTTI still going on?

by umijoshi » Sep 10th, '14, 03:04

I (and probably other people lurking around the forums) am wondering if the OTTI/NOTTI 'program' is still running? There's been almost no activity on the forum, so unless I'm looking in the wrong spot...

What happened? It's such a good idea.

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Sep 10th, '14, 14:07
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Re: OTTI/NOTTI still going on?

by Chip » Sep 10th, '14, 14:07

Thank you and others for your interest in these exciting tasting programs.

OTTI and NOTTI are in a bit of a limbo until I have family/personal issues resolved to the point that I am 100% certain that I can effectively and expeditiously carry out future rounds.

I am quite anxious to get the programs going again and am always thinking of possibilities for future rounds. And quite simply put, the next round could happen at almost any time. There is not a rigid calendar ... schedule. :mrgreen:

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Sep 19th, '14, 00:31
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Re: OTTI/NOTTI still going on?

by Jaymo » Sep 19th, '14, 00:31

Although I'm a newer member, I would also love to see this happen again. As you said above, it *is* a great idea and seems to have gone over quite well in the past from what I've read.

Being relatively new to pu, this seems like a great way to try various samples and also have others to discuss it with!

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