May 14th 18 2:09 am
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Tetsubin handle won't stay up

by Rikyu » May 14th 18 2:09 am

Hi all! I recently couldn't pass up a neglected older Iwachu tetsubin with sakura pattern. It needed some love and the price was right. I have cleaned all the rust and re-seasoned with just the tea method (worked beautifully!) and am very happy with the results.

One thing that is bothering me, though, that I am stumped on is the handle. The handle of the tetsubin no longer stays up, but lies flat as there is almost no resistance in the swing of the handle any longer. How common is this in older tetsubin and is there a fix? The problem of course being if you heat the water in the tetsubin with the handle laying against the kettle, it becomes too hot to hold.

Thanks all!