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Dec 27th 18 1:14 pm
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yay or nay on this sale tetsubin?

by rChrome » Dec 27th 18 1:14 pm

Hi y'all,

Wandering around the Japanese grocery after a doctors appointment I saw a nanbu tetsubin on holiday sale. "Yeah, right" I said, fully expecting to see enamel inside, but to my surprise, the inside was blueish, indicating reduced iron. The price was low so I snapped some pictures so I could look up more details later. Unfortunately I have not been able to glean anymore details by basic googleing so I am posting my horrible shots here in the hope that someone might have some advice or information. 250 for a tetsubin seems pretty low but like the X-files, I want to believe.

Sorry for the low quality shots. I never planned to post these for anyone to actually look at.
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