Jun 22nd 22 10:06 am
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Old iron teapot

by brendanxx » Jun 22nd 22 10:06 am

I'm very new to Japanese tea drinking and want to get an good tea pot, preferably old. I have a small quirky antique shop near me which occasionally sells cast iron Japanese teapots - can anyone give me advice about what to look for and what to avoid? Obviously I don't want a pot that will spoil the tea - and be harmful to me!
Any help much appreciated.

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Jul 3rd 22 1:18 pm
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Re: Old iron teapot

by Teasenz » Jul 3rd 22 1:18 pm

If it's glazed inside, make sure the glaze is still good, otherwise it might not be safe. Glazed teapots are generally low quality. If it's an unglazed teapot, those are actually often times high quality, but need to see a picture to confirm.
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