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Jul 18th 09 6:37 am
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Tealight Warmers for Cast iron teapots... Please help!

by MisterPanda » Jul 18th 09 6:37 am

I had a quick question. I recently purchased an Iwachu cast iron teapot (enamelled interior). With the cast iron enameled teapots like the one I purchased, I know that you are not supposed to use them to boil your water because putting it on a flame can damage the enamel. I would, though, like to get and use a tealight warmer for the pot, but I was worried that this too might slowly harm the enamel lining on the pot?

So are tealight warmers perfectly safe or not for Iwachu enamelled teapots? I realize that Iwachu sells tealight warmers, as do other cast iron companies, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the lining will not be effected negatively eventually.

So does anyone out there have an enamelled teapot that they have used regularly with a tealight warmer? If so, have you noticed any negative effects?

Thanks for your replies in advance everyone.

~ Ryan

Jul 18th 09 6:54 am
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by t4texas » Jul 18th 09 6:54 am

Not sure if it will damage the enamel, but probably will not do the tea any good.

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Jul 18th 09 7:00 am
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by MisterPanda » Jul 18th 09 7:00 am

Im not too worried about the tea because it will be drunk within around 30 minutes. I'd just like to keep the tea hot-ish for those 30 min (usually the last few cups of my 22 ounce pot are lukewarm or warm at best after 30-45 min).

My main concern is the pot, since I just bought it and would like it to last years and years.

But thanks for the reply!

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Jul 18th 09 11:08 am
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by Herb_Master » Jul 18th 09 11:08 am

I am unsure of how you are using the teapot!

Are you brewing Western Style, Old Man Style or something else?

Does it have a removable infuser basket?

If not, then the tea will keep on brewing. I often use a tea warmer when I am using some of my larger Yixing pots, but the contents are poured into a fair cup (a.k.a. Justice Cup or Pitcher) which goes on the tea warmer.

I like Fair Cups and have 5 different ones, but I could sure use more:
a) for variety and aesthetic appreciation / collection mania;
b) to more suitably complement the teapot I am using - volume wise.

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Jul 18th 09 11:37 am
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by shogun89 » Jul 18th 09 11:37 am

I got an enameled pot from Teavana (actually a great pot!), anyway, when I went in there to get it they had a cast iron pot being heated by a tea light setup, i had a sampler and the tea was quite hot still. They sell them on the internet so I am pretty sure they are safe, the heat is just so gentle and little that I doubt it will do any damage.