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May 16th, '10, 14:50
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Re: Metal Tea Cups?

by Rainy-Day » May 16th, '10, 14:50

I brew sencha and long-jing at around 135, I have a similar iron cup and I've used it sometimes, it has a very nice texture and weight, I kind of like it and at this temperature it doesn't get too hot. I still prefer glass cups, though, because this cup (as well as thick ceramic cups) steal too much heat from tea and this is not so good for the taste.

The only thing I'd use it for regularly would be a strong black or flavoured tea that I'd let stand in a pot until it cools off enough and then pour 3/4 of a cup so that outer top edges are relatively cool.

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May 16th, '10, 21:19
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Re: Metal Tea Cups?

by IPT » May 16th, '10, 21:19

debunix wrote:
IPT wrote:Oooh, plastic. Great idea! I'll be getting my wife a plastic teacup next.
She can drop this one on your toes with no damage, and probably step on it herself with none to the cup.
That's fantastic! Not too traditional, but my teaware'd be safe.

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