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Nov 9th, '10, 02:29
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Re: rust at the bottom(kettle)

by Oni » Nov 9th, '10, 02:29

Herb_Master wrote:But even when not using Gas, you presumably have to make sure that the kettle exterior underneath is meticulously dry prior to placement on the heating surface!.
If the tetsubin pours good, that the bottom is always dry, generally high quality tetsubins pour evenly, without dripping.
An electric burner is a bit slow, but originally one should use a charcoal burner to heat a tetsubin, one choice would be a ryoro, or a hibachi, or a foru, that would be ideal, but a bit labour intensive. My tetsubin is showing little red dots on the inside, that is a normal rust after a year of intensive use.

Nov 9th, '10, 21:32
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Re: rust at the bottom(kettle)

by r.fowler » Nov 9th, '10, 21:32

Well i think using a charcoal stove is even slower than using an electric burner. Oh but it adds to the warmth ambience that one would enjoy while drinking tea. The only problem i got was the smoke that gave out from the charcoal initially while burning and the ash that flew all around, lol. But i do it at my balcony near the window so its still not that bad. I would say the hibachi, ro and all the japanese kind the main problem is cost! Its expensive!
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Nov 9th, '10, 23:18
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Re: rust at the bottom(kettle)

by IPT » Nov 9th, '10, 23:18

I love heating water via charcoal. It does have a nice ambiance to it and also, I find it gives me an excuse to just sit and relax and maybe enjoy some tea ware or flowers. I tend to be too busy, but that time that the water's heating is all mine to do nothing. I live for it!

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Nov 10th, '10, 09:48
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Re: rust at the bottom(kettle)

by JBaymore » Nov 10th, '10, 09:48


You really do need a furo...... that industrial orange device under the nice tetsubin certainly detracts from the "aesthetic experience" :wink: .

And for those reading this thread...... remember that charcoal does produce some carbon monoxide. It was not a problem in traditional Japanese houses due to the loose construction. (As anyone who has been in one in cold weather can attest!!!!)



Nov 10th, '10, 13:52
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Re: rust at the bottom(kettle)

by r.fowler » Nov 10th, '10, 13:52

IPT: Yes it definitely is relaxing taking your mind off other things while preparing for tea! I particularly enjoy this part. heh. Sometimes in life we got just too busy with things, and we need some moments to slow it down and enjoy the simple things in life. =)
John: You got me into some serious consideration for a furo! I'm looking online right now actually as i'm typing this.haha. Hmmm i only managed to find some from horaido. I got to agree with you they look simple but at the same time gorgeous. Do you use 1 as well?

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