Dec 27th, '10, 16:37
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Those tiny tea cups and metal tea pots

by beforewisdom » Dec 27th, '10, 16:37

I was at a Chinese restaurant the other night. It served us black jasmine tea in metal tea pots at a high temperature that retained heat very well, despite being left out on the table for a long time.

Are metal tea pots like those in Chinese restaurants generally a good idea?
How about for green tea?

The cups they gave us were <i>small</> white handless porcelain cups. I thought this was cool I recently read an article in the National Geographic about caffiene stating that studies have shown that caffiene is smaller more spaced out doses produces better alertness and fewer side effects.

Cruising the web I didn't find any such cups. Is it just a Chinese restaurant thing?

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Dec 27th, '10, 16:40
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Re: Those tiny tea cups and metal tea pots

by wyardley » Dec 27th, '10, 16:40

The cups a lot of us drink with are much smaller than Chinese restaurant tea cups. If you really want Chinese restaurant style cups, a restaurant supply store is probably the place to go. If you want more delicate (and arguably more aesthetically pleasing) cups, you can check out stores that specialize in Chinese tea and teawares.

The metal pots which are used in many Chinese restaurants are used simply because they're cheap; at higher-end Chinese restaurants, the teapot will almost invariably be porcelain. In general, metal pots aren't ideal, with the possible exception of silver pots, which are quite expensive. Typically, glazed porcelain or earthenware / stoneware brewing vessels are preferred.

Dec 31st, '10, 20:32
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Re: Those tiny tea cups and metal tea pots

by beforewisdom » Dec 31st, '10, 20:32

Do the Japanese also use tiny tea cups with green tea?

Does keeping the tea in a pot versus a large cup keep it warmer for longer?

The glass tea cup I use is about 10 fluid ounces. It seems like the temperature is either too hot to drink or room temperature :)

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Re: Those tiny tea cups and metal tea pots

by brandon » Dec 31st, '10, 20:59

It is hard to characterize "the Japanese" in a broad stroke, but most of their cups for sencha are less than 10 oz. 3 to 5 in my experience.

Both when serving guests and drinking alone, I use the same cups - 3oz. I can drink immediately.

Alone, I just brew less and split it across 2 or 3 cups.

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