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Apr 2nd, '11, 12:16
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Tea light warmer with an enamelled tetsubin?

by el gringo » Apr 2nd, '11, 12:16

I recently bought a small enamelled tetsubin (mainly for decoration) as I wouldn't ever try and brew tea in it. But its a nice size to hold warm water in during a session although it doesn't keep the water hot for a huge amount of time.

I know that its not a good idea to use it on a stove as it could damage the enamel, however I was wondering whether it would be safe to keep it warm with a little tea light warmer?

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Apr 2nd, '11, 22:55
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Re: Tea light warmer with an enamelled tetsubin?

by IPT » Apr 2nd, '11, 22:55

The tea light will keep the water warm. They sell little stands that hold tea-lights in them for use with tetsubin. I don't know how traditional they are, but they work well.

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