Jun 16th, '11, 11:08
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Help Identifying a Tea Pot

by docaudio » Jun 16th, '11, 11:08

I bought this cast tea pot in Chinatown - Chicago a few years back. It was suppose to be from a well known artist, but I have lost the information. Can anyone here identify it from the single mark?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Jun 17th, '11, 23:15
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Re: Help Identifying a Tea Pot

by MarshalN » Jun 17th, '11, 23:15

No pic

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Jun 17th, '11, 23:39
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Re: Help Identifying a Tea Pot

by bagua7 » Jun 17th, '11, 23:39

Poor thing, just forgot to upload their pic. :)

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Jun 18th, '11, 02:04
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Re: Help Identifying a Tea Pot

by Chip » Jun 18th, '11, 02:04

Actually, there was a single photo in the OP. I don't know why it is not there now ...

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