Mar 23rd, '12, 23:13
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Left tetsubin on stove!

by G-off-re » Mar 23rd, '12, 23:13

Just got done with a session so i put my tetsubin on my electric burner to dry it and forgot about it for a good 15 min maybe more. I really hope it is ok since this is a rather lovely kettle that i picked up at a local Japanese antique store. Anybody have theirs crack from this?

Mar 25th, '12, 15:13
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Re: Left tetsubin on stove!

by beecrofter » Mar 25th, '12, 15:13

As long as you didn't chill it when it was red hot the damage should be to the finish, engine blocks and boilers are made of cast iron and when your tetsubin was poured into it's mold it was a few hundred degrees above
2000 F

Mar 25th, '12, 23:27
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Re: Left tetsubin on stove!

by G-off-re » Mar 25th, '12, 23:27

I was worried since a few others have mentioned on blogs about not heating it empty. Good to hear it should be fine since it didn't cool too fast.

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Mar 27th, '12, 01:23
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Re: Left tetsubin on stove!

by MarshalN » Mar 27th, '12, 01:23

I think with tetsubin it's fine - the finish, if there is any, might indeed be compromised, but otherwise, unless you see any problems, it's going to be fine. Cast iron can take a lot of tea. If it's silver, you're probably in trouble.

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Apr 3rd, '12, 02:09
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Re: Left tetsubin on stove!

by tkellyd » Apr 3rd, '12, 02:09

Hello all:

I think that if there were a problem with your tetsubin it would be with the sealant on the holes located on the bottom of the pot. If anything, it'll leak. I've left a tet on the stove for a couple of hours (which I chalk up to damnfoolism). The only thing different that I noticed were the seals on the bottom which looked a little hollow. When I make it to Japan, I might bring it with me to have it resealed.

I wouldn't worry about cracking, though, at least least not to regular iron. I'd be scared if it were satetsu, which can be quite brittle. I don't think that satetsu takes well to electric heat as one of mine has lost it's shape on the bottom; it no longer sits flat.


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