Nov 28th, '12, 11:33
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Tetsubin warmer without candle?

by Sambardo » Nov 28th, '12, 11:33

Hi everyone,

Is there a tetsubin warmer that works without a candle?
My office isn't keen on me having an open flame for my teapot and I'd like it to stay warm longer.

Its small (~24 ounces).

Any suggestions?

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Nov 28th, '12, 18:58
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Re: Tetsubin warmer without candle?

by tkellyd » Nov 28th, '12, 18:58

Hello Sambardo:

Not sure what you are asking. In order to keep a tetsubin warm/hot, you'll need a hot plate. If, on the other hand, you are talking about an iron teapot that is lined in enamel (think Teavana), well that's different. I don't have any experience with them, but it is my understanding that you cannot use them with heat as the enamel with eventually separate from the iron. All you can do is pour boiling water in them and make tea.


- T

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Nov 28th, '12, 21:51
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Re: Tetsubin warmer without candle?

by Drax » Nov 28th, '12, 21:51

Yes, I'd recommend a hot plate. You can get one with a surface that looks like a really deep-grooved record, and it will work fine with keeping the water in your tetsubin hot (or near/at boiling).

And, in the long run, they're probably cheaper, since you won't be paying for the electricity... (vice having to buy more alcohol for a flame burner).

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