Sep 8th, '13, 09:48
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Buy Used Tetsubin

by thenarfer » Sep 8th, '13, 09:48

Hi everyone!

I'm looking to buy my first tetsubin and have received the price lists from HOJO tea today. Not surprisingly the prices are high since I'm looking for a handcrafted quality tetsubin.

Still, I wonder what are the options to buy one of these tetsubins second hand? Due to my inexperience with tetsubins I fear that I might not recognize if what I buy is actually the desired quality (Of course this is always a risk when buying online second hand products).

Can someone help me find some links to second hand tetsubins that look like good quality?

Maybe even someone here might consider selling me one of their second hand tetsubins?

Looking forwards to hearing from you!

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Sep 8th, '13, 13:31
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Re: Buy Used Tetsubin

by Evan Draper » Sep 8th, '13, 13:31

Old tetsubin sell on ebay for even more than the new ones. I know a couple people who are into this, but this is just one of these areas that are way beyond me personally. This is the province of really serious collectors, and I doubt you are going to find a "deal." Cheap ones are probably going to have serious problems like rust or leaks that a beginner won't know how to remedy. You might be better off starting with a new one for everyday use while you start your "education." Good luck!

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Sep 12th, '13, 06:33
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Re: Buy Used Tetsubin

by tkellyd » Sep 12th, '13, 06:33

Hello Thenarfer:

You can find good quality used tetsubins on the cheap, but you have to know where to go. For whatever reason, tetsubins started selling for thousands of dollars on eBay; don't know why. Certainly they are not worth it. But a lot of those tetsubins are crosslisted with and they sell for a lot less than eBay. There is also a wealth of them on Jauce as compared to eBay. Some of them are bids and others are buy now, so you may be able to get a good pot on the cheap if you know what you are looking for. They are hard bidders on Jauce, though. I saw one pot go for $33,000 USD last year. Another one for $19,000 about a month ago. But check out antique dealers also. I have bought many pots from them and they can offer a good deal too.


- T

Sep 12th, '13, 07:36
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Re: Buy Used Tetsubin

by wert » Sep 12th, '13, 07:36

How do we choose one? What do you looking out for in a tetsubin?

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Sep 13th, '13, 18:10
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Re: Buy Used Tetsubin

by tkellyd » Sep 13th, '13, 18:10

Hi wert:

Well, I'm a collector so I buy pots that interest me. Sometimes they would be cute and cheap, but have a hole or rust, and sometimes they would be cheap but usable project "rescue pots" (lots of rust, no top). Lately I've been holding out for more historically valuable, older pots than what is typically seen online. They are hard to come by, though; pictures aren't always the best, and even worse, antiques dealers and eBay-type sellers really don't understand the genre and know what they have (or don't have. Hence the selling of a $20 pot for $2000). So it is getting harder to find them.


- T

May 23rd, '17, 05:11
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Re: Buy Used Tetsubin

by tcsmeg » May 23rd, '17, 05:11

wert wrote: How do we choose one? What do you looking out for in a tetsubin?
You need to study and do some homework before you could appreciate the value of the old tetsubin. There are re-tro tetsubin and if you are not familiar you may thought it is an antique.

I would say depend on your budget, just pick up the one you like most with the one without any major remedy works.

If possible, learnt and study more, buy less, after a couple of years you would be experts than.

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May 23rd, '17, 16:31
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Re: Buy Used Tetsubin

by miig » May 23rd, '17, 16:31

I bought a Tetsubin on Jauce about a year ago, and I'm very happy with it. I was aware though that a certain risk was involved after all.
Still, there are quite some vendors who sell dozends of Tetsubin every month, who have thousands of good ratings and who post photos which show in extreme detail the pots, from all angles and sides. I'd recommend sticking to those sellers, and looking very carefully. Then, this can work out great.
Basically, dozends of Tetsubin sell there everyday, there is A LOT of stuff. Take some time to get into it, after a while you'll get familar with the offers, shapes and selling conventions. Then you can pick one. Of course, do this only if you want to take at least a small risk and invest some time to study this market. If you don't want to do that, buy from a reputed seller like Hojo, Artistic Nippon or others, and you'll be safe.

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May 24th, '17, 13:50
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Re: Buy Used Tetsubin

by Tsubo » May 24th, '17, 13:50

wert wrote: What do you looking out for in a tetsubin?
it's usefull to study the kinds of rust. Rust occurs in two ways : active and inactive. The active rust appears as a reddish brown color and seems sometimes wet when pitting. Inactive rust appears as dark brown

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