Oct 12th, '14, 22:20
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Gunk in teapot?

by sainthurricane » Oct 12th, '14, 22:20

Hello! I joined this community in hopes of getting a question answered. I just bought a new Iwachu cast iron teapot here in Japan. It's lovely. However, if I brew the tea and leave it in the pot for longer than an hour, some black stuff appears inside the pot and turns the tea black. I think there is an enamel coating on the inside, so I'm not sure why this is happening. It does this with any tea I use.

Anyone know what this is?

I tried attaching a photo, but it wouldn't allow me.

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Oct 12th, '14, 22:56
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Re: Gunk in teapot?

by tingjunkie » Oct 12th, '14, 22:56

Welcome to the forum!

Very bizarre situation you got there. Is the inside surface quite shiny? If it's enameled, it should be. Can you shine a light inside and make sure there's not a spot missing its enamel? Even so, I can't imagine why raw iron would turn tea black. What happens if you leave plain boiled water in it for an hour?

Ultimately, I'd try to get a refund ASAP. That shouldn't happen.

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Oct 13th, '14, 09:02
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Re: Gunk in teapot?

by Fuut » Oct 13th, '14, 09:02

Tingjunkie's advice is sound. It shouldn't mess up and dirty the water or tea inside. You shouldn't drink it before making sure you know whats going on.

Also if you can't add the photo here (by upload attachement) its probably higher than 1000 pixels or wider than 640 pixels. You can try to upload it somewhere and add it by [.img]link[./img], without the dots:)

Oct 13th, '14, 09:25
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Re: Gunk in teapot?

by .m. » Oct 13th, '14, 09:25

Just 2 remarks:
- tea+rust makes a very dark stains, darker than just tea or rust alone (i used it to tint wood in the past).
- some (cheap) cast-iron pots have some sort of matte black paint on the outside, that can often be scrubbed and washed out, but of course this shouldn't affect the tea inside.
Good luck returning the pot.

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Oct 13th, '14, 22:46
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Re: Gunk in teapot?

by kyarazen » Oct 13th, '14, 22:46

sounds like the enamel coating's coming off and the tea is reacting with the exposed iron. :shock:

Oct 31st, '14, 04:01
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Gunk in teapot?

by sainthurricane » Oct 31st, '14, 04:01

Oct 31st, '14, 04:06
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Gunk in teapot?

by sainthurricane » Oct 31st, '14, 04:06

Hey fellas, thanks for the replies. Here is the pic. I'm pretty sure the inside is enameled,it's shiny and Iwachu teapots are enameled inside.

It's still doing this, even with high-grade tea. I guess it will just be a decorative piece...

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