Dec 14th, '14, 21:25
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Tetsubin tea candle warmer

by TeamanRS125 » Dec 14th, '14, 21:25

I have a cast iron tea pot that I've had for 3 years and I'm very happy with. It was brought to my attention today they make a tea candle warmer for it. Is this a good idea? Will the candle flame hurt the bottom of my pot? Is there anything I need to worry about with a candle warmer?

Jan 23rd, '15, 10:49
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Re: Tetsubin tea candle warmer

by Mterpstra » Jan 23rd, '15, 10:49

Does is have a glazing inside? I used my glazed one on a candle light warmer that I think you're refering to and the glazing will disappear at one point. If that's bad healthwise, don't know. If it's emaille then it would be bad, but I think it's something else on my tetsubin anyway. Otherwise it would be so bad. It will rust faster but as some point out, this is actually benificial for you.

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Jan 23rd, '15, 12:35
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Re: Tetsubin tea candle warmer

by Jaymo » Jan 23rd, '15, 12:35

This was discussed here: ... 60#p263466 among other places. Hope that helps!

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