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Sep 7th 15 9:31 am
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Re: Recommended tetsubin vendors?

by AT333 » Sep 7th 15 9:31 am

Jaymo wrote:
TORamarn wrote:As for Hojo you should email him again. There're a couple of times when he saw my emails only a few weeks later. :shock: He might be a little busy preparing for his upcoming long trip.
I sent him 2 already. I figured I'd wait a week or so before trying again in case he was traveling or something.

He is currently in Malaysia and should be active online :mrgreen:

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Sep 7th 15 3:28 pm
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Re: Recommended tetsubin vendors?

by hobin » Sep 7th 15 3:28 pm

Jaymo wrote:
AT333 wrote:
Jaymo wrote:
Thanks! Those are unfortunately way out of my price range. There are a few nice looking ones from Hojo that I thing are very afforable for me though! Now I'm just waiting to hopefully get a response back at some point. . .
The waiting period is 3-5 years for a Suzuki tetsubin. You can start saving for it or sell it for a profit when they deliver your order. Many people do that. It has become a speculative commodity but the quality is there. :mrgreen:
Ha! Nice. At that point I just turn to a ceramic kettle for the time being, I think. I'll give Hojo another few weeks to hopefully get back to me before I give in and pick up a Lin's or Anta kettle, though. A tetsubin would be so nice!
Hojo isn't the only seller. If I were you I'd check for some kunzan tetsubin. otherwise if you don't want to spend a fortune you can have a look at here:

just my 2 cents :D

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Sep 7th 15 3:32 pm
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Re: Recommended tetsubin vendors?

by theroots » Sep 7th 15 3:32 pm

I bought a tetsubin from Hojo made by Kunzan. It looks great and I'm happy with it. Still: It will take around 3-6 months to make one for you since they're Build-to-Order. If at all Hojo only will have a few on stock.

If you want it cheap(er) and fast Yahoo Auctions will be a good idea. I've got two Kama from there: One for less that 70$, the other one from the manufactory of Living National Treasure Keiten Takahashi for less than 200$.