Sep 11th, '15, 18:23
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Which tetsubin for which clay pot for green tea?

by hod » Sep 11th, '15, 18:23


I'm looking to buy an artisan tetsubin and teapot for japanese green tea. I was reading on Akira saying that some types of clay with a tetsubin will produce a more or less desirable taste. There are so many types of clay tea pots and tetsubin's. Its rather daunting. I wonder if anyone can advise me in this area.

Thanks in advance for any input.


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Sep 27th, '15, 12:27
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Re: Which tetsubin for which clay pot for green tea?

by miig » Sep 27th, '15, 12:27

well, I guess you'll have to try it out.

Hojo also mentions that the results he obtained will be different if you change the water. Not to mention the type of tea and personal taste. Probably you shouldn't worry too much about it, I guess that a decent Tetsubin will make good water in most cases. I never heard from an experienced tea drinker owning a tetsubin say "oh no, it doesn't pair up with my XYZ teapot". So its not like a night-and-day difference... get one and enjoy :)

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