Mar 12th, '17, 15:55
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Info about my tetsubin

by Hannah0210 » Mar 12th, '17, 15:55

Hi all,

I've bought a tetsubin off eBay and wondered if anyone would be able to tell me anything about it? Photo of mark below. I'm assuming it's not particularly old or valuable but I would like to know a bit more about it if possible. Any help appreciated.

Many thanks!
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May 24th, '17, 09:09
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Re: Info about my tetsubin

by tcsmeg » May 24th, '17, 09:09

From the writing what I know is 盛荣堂 (OIGEN)

The company was set up in 1852. You may still visit their website

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May 24th, '17, 10:51
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Re: Info about my tetsubin

by jayinhk » May 24th, '17, 10:51

Can we see the inside?

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