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Mar 15th 20 2:16 pm
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[HELP] Cleaning & Preventing Further RUST For My Beloved Old Tetsubin

by momomesh » Mar 15th 20 2:16 pm

hi guys,

I have been using this tetsubin for brewing water for my "shou" puerhs and it's a blast,
I only use Charcoal to boil my tetsubin (I know it's quite time consuming but I have the time for it during the weekends).

anyway, I have scoured the internet to no avail on how to save and further protect the insides of my tetsubin, the design of my tetsubin is not FLAT on the bottom, the bottom side of the tetsubin is curved inwards to trap heat from charcoal or something,

and the insides of the tetsubin is abit like a hill or mountain, the problem I have with this tetsubin is that the insides (which are not treated) are getting RUSTY! I always dry out my tetsubin after each use but still it's getting rusty and rustier. The below are the photos, it's a small tetsubin which I enjoy and love I don't want it to rust through, Any gurus out there to point me in the right direction?

I'm thinking of using a steel scrub to scrub off the rust,
or use vinegar with cotton buds to clean the steel spots,

then cook "shou" puerh in the pot for 12 hours,
to see if it works, THIS is my beloved pot!

Somebody save me








Apr 11th 20 9:35 pm
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Re: [HELP] Cleaning & Preventing Further RUST For My Beloved Old Tetsubin

by umijoshi » Apr 11th 20 9:35 pm

I dont think you should scour it with steel wool, although it _may_ get rid of the rust temporarily it'll make it come back faster as you cant seal the newly scoured areas which are even more prone to rust. Cleaning a skillet with steelwool is good because you can season a skillet. You cant season a tetsubin because it would defeat the purpose of it, and the heat would cause the urushi sealing to melt (I guess)

The best trick I have heard is to boil a pretty strong tea inside of the tetsubin. Something cheap. Apparently oolong is good and it's what I've exclusively used but I cant logically see why it would be better than any other type. What you want are anti-oxidants so even buying a cheap matcha powder from costco should be better than any loose leaf tea. Anyway the point is the anti-oxidants in the tea will turn the rust black.

Boil the tea leaf in the tetsubin, allow to cool, pour off the tea and get rid of the leaf, rinse, rinse, rinse, boil water, pour off water, taste, repeat until you're good

After that you rinse the pot a few times, you wont taste any difference.

I've done this many times.

I've thought about it -- maybe powdered tea isn't such a good idea. I imagine that oolong tea is suggested because the leaves are generally quite large and easy to get out. If you use your tetsubin a lot you probably have a calcium build-up. I guess matcha would infiltrate your calcium and it would be hard to get out without taking the calcium with it.