Mar 19th, '17, 18:21
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Need help identifying Ceramic Teapot

by UbesippinTea » Mar 19th, '17, 18:21

Hi! I'm new to your site but glad I found you all! I collect teapots and teacups and love it! I acquired a new teapot from a local thrift shop but I'm unable to find anything about it. I doesn't have a "mark" per se on the bottom but is engraved with Made in England. It does however have a number painted in the gilding gold which is what intrigued me. Maybe it's just a hand painted personal teapot but I just haven't found a single thing on it. I'm hoping maybe some one here recognizes it or can at least point me in the right direction. Thank you all in advance for any advice, tips or help. Blessings!
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Mar 21st, '17, 23:08
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Re: Need help identifying Ceramic Teapot

by CuppaJosh » Mar 21st, '17, 23:08

Clueless but, that is a very beautiful tea pot

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Re: Need help identifying Ceramic Teapot

by debunix » Mar 22nd, '17, 01:41

Agreeing in ignorance but admiration.

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