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Jan 9th 20 6:14 pm
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How to properly use a bone china teapot

by 0Ariadna0 » Jan 9th 20 6:14 pm

Hello fellow tea lovers :wink:

I just bought my first bone china teapot (from the Royal Collection Shop) and even tough I found some information on google, I'm still unsure about how to take good care of it and prevent its breaking.

I've learned it's very important to preheat the teapot before pouring the boiling water inside, but It's still not very clear to me how to do so.

For exemple, can I use a heating ceramic base for this kind of teapot? (The ones that work with a tea candle) And will this be enough?

And what about the teacup? I haven't found anything about it aside of pouring some milk first before the tea, but I won't always drink tea with milk, so how should I proceed?

Thank you!