Oct 6th 23 9:37 pm
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I need help to ID this Teapot

by Surreal12 » Oct 6th 23 9:37 pm

Hi guys! Brand new here, generally new to the world of tea. I stopped by my nearby thrift store to pick up one to start the journey. There was this one that caught my eye. For 3 USD stood this guy.

On the bottom, its stamped rio4M. It doesn't match up with the ROIMTEA that google popped up. I tried to reverse search through AI, Google Bard came up with absolutely nothing and recommended I get it checked out/appraised by a professional, but you see, that's expensive.

If you guys could offer any help, it'd be sincerely appreciated.



Nov 30th 23 3:17 am
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Re: I need help to ID this Teapot

by Nantea » Nov 30th 23 3:17 am

I tried searching in Google Lens and one of the search results was from eBay posting, "1960s Gibson Black n Gold Loex Teapot England". You might want to check that one out because the picture is really identical.