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Apr 25th, '16, 04:35
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Re: Today's MatchaWan :D (new name, but tea's the same)

by theroots » Apr 25th, '16, 04:35

Here is a really remarkable and heavy (almost 450g) Edo period Kyoyaki Chawan I found about a month ago. It was made by Chimura Gako.
Short biography: Chimura Gako, 1727-1790. A warrior and Confucianist of the middle Edo period. Born in the 12th year of Kyõhõ (1727), the eldest son of Chimura Bõtaku, a samurai from the Owari region (modern Nagoya). Assumed the headship of the Chimura family in the inaugural year of Gembun (1736). Was later a chief retainer of Tokugawa Munekatsu. As a ceramicist, he created wares known as Hakushu-yaki. Died on the 30th day of the 6th month in the second year of the Kansei era (1790) at 64 years of age.
He was known by various names, including Hakushu, Sõkichi, Magodayü, and by the designate Jiteki-en, among others.







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Apr 25th, '16, 06:28
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Re: Today's MatchaWan :D (new name, but tea's the same)

by Tead Off » Apr 25th, '16, 06:28

Very nice. Looks like Raku.

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Apr 25th, '16, 07:30
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Re: Today's MatchaWan :D (new name, but tea's the same)

by Sasameyuki » Apr 25th, '16, 07:30

Absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing!

Aug 15th, '16, 16:36
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Re: Today's MatchaWan :D (new name, but tea's the same)

by sugataishi » Aug 15th, '16, 16:36

This is mine Hayashi Koyo hagi
blairswhitaker wrote:"Summer time and the liven's easy..."

Hayashi koyo, hagi hirachawan.

Tea: sayaka no mukashi by ippodo

Warm it up.

Add some tea.

Whisk it real good.

View the "well"

Haiken the koudai.


Aug 25th, '16, 15:59
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Re: Today's MatchaWan :D (new name, but tea's the same)

by Noonie » Aug 25th, '16, 15:59

I've just gotten into Matcha and have a store bought Chawan. Works fine and is nice to my eye, but I've always liked looking through these photos of handcrated Chawan's, and now that I'm starting down this particular rabbit hole I would like to start researching that special Chawan and find it a home, my home!

I'm curious. where are people buying handcrafted Chawan's these days?

I'm in Canada and I will look up Canadian artisans, but if that doesn't work out, I would appreciate some links/tips. Ideally I would keep this initial artisan purchase to around $100 (more than 3x the store bought one). Being that I'm a beginner, I'm still looking for something that will work with my novice technique, but that will still be a great Chawan if/when I become an expert!

Thanks so much.

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Sep 2nd, '16, 20:14
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Re: Today's MatchaWan :D (new name, but tea's the same)

by Fuut » Sep 2nd, '16, 20:14

Noonie wrote:I've just gotten..
.. Thanks so much.
In general, people use eBay, Jauce, and stand alone stores online (unless you're lucky enough to go shopping in Japan).

Artsitic Nippon is a site favorite (or atleast mod-fav) -

I got myself a newly made Shino bowl from AN a few days ago.
teabowl38_2 copy.jpg
By Higuchi Masayuki.
teabowl38_2 copy.jpg (15.91 KiB) Viewed 3452 times
teabowl38_3 copy.jpg
teabowl38_3 copy.jpg (14.53 KiB) Viewed 3452 times
teabowl38_4 copy.jpg
teabowl38_4 copy.jpg (19.88 KiB) Viewed 3452 times

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