Mar 17th, '16, 06:19
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Shape of a Gaiwan

by ahasja » Mar 17th, '16, 06:19

Hi, as I was browsing the internet looking for a new Gaiwan, I found on a homepage a very interesting Gaiwan. Befor browsing I was reading the text on teaguardian about the perfect Gaiwan (see and then I found this Gaiwan in a complet different shape (see From the point of aesthetics I like it very much - but I wonder about the functionality. What do you tea people thing about this form?

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Mar 17th, '16, 10:43
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Re: Shape of a Gaiwan

by kyarazen » Mar 17th, '16, 10:43

those tall ones with narrow lip is off balance and hard to pour.. :(...

Mar 17th, '16, 12:57
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Re: Shape of a Gaiwan

by ahasja » Mar 17th, '16, 12:57

What do you mean with "off balance"?

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Mar 17th, '16, 15:08
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Re: Shape of a Gaiwan

by debunix » Mar 17th, '16, 15:08

I don't know that the tallness is a problem or not without holding the piece and trying it out. I've got some shiboridashi that are a little taller than wide that work fine and are in regular use. But the inward sloping near the top and the narrowness of the lip and the smallness of the knob on top combine to give me an impression of scorched fingers: I like wider lips and lids that seat deeper into the bowl to minimize the danger of scalded fingertips, especially for a quick series of flash infusions of young sheng puerh.

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Mar 17th, '16, 16:11
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Re: Shape of a Gaiwan

by kuánglóng » Mar 17th, '16, 16:11

I second kyarazen and deb - I get hot and wobbly fingers just by looking at it or once I'm at it - glass gaiwans. I have no direct experience with those gaiwans from keramikgasse though but more than enough gaiwans of all sorts and sizes flying around here and my favorite shapes are somewhat wider and flatter.
BTW: the website you've linked to (tea guardian) doesn't mention a 'perfect' gaiwan and I have reasons to doubt the existence or even possibility of such a vessel.

Mar 17th, '16, 16:54
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Re: Shape of a Gaiwan

by ahasja » Mar 17th, '16, 16:54

Okay, not the perfect gaiwan - but a recommendation.

Thanks for all the replies. So I will continue to look for a more traditional formed Gaiwan.

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