Aug 24th 20 3:49 pm
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Purion: which tea does it go with?

by LeoFox » Aug 24th 20 3:49 pm

I recently inherited a purion brewing mug that has primarily seen roasted oolong.

The mug looked a little dirty so i did an overnight soak in boiling water which probably reduced whatever patina it had.

So far i tried two teas: a muzha heavily roasted Taiwanese TGY (2020) and an older (2014) roasted Taiwanese baozhong.

Brewed relatively light ~8 g / 200-250 mL with 1 min/ 2 min / 3 min etc steepings.

Same teas were brewed using glass pot at 9 g /150 mL with 45 sec /30 sec / 35 sec / 40 sec etc steepings

I noticed the baozhong was fantastic in purion but very average in glass. Somehow the purion seemed to have added a thicker body and some possible chocolate notes while decreasing some of the smokiness.

However, the TGY was awful in purion. Purion seemed to suck out all the dried fruit aromas and what was left was muddy, slightly smoky and reminded me of bad diluted coffee.

According to this old thread, cooked pu-erh and darker roast oolong is good with purion: viewtopic.php?f=85&t=19587&hilit=Purion ... 15#p260586

However i also heard it might be better with green oolong if it never sees roasted oolong.

Would love to hear other people's opinions. Thank you!