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Jan 19th 11 5:03 am
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Re: Water Jars

by Tead Off » Jan 19th 11 5:03 am

Drax wrote:You guys seem to be in agreement?

Fe3 and Fe2 refer to oxidation states (sometimes listed as Fe(III) or Fe3+).

So going from Fe3 to Fe2 is indeed a reduction.

The oxidation state of Fe in Fe2O3 is 3+.
The oxidation state of Fe in FeO is 2+.
The oxidation state of Fe in metallic iron is 0.

Hope that helps clarify...
I failed miserably in Chemistry class.

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Re: Water Jars

by Herb_Master » Feb 14th 11 9:57 am


Whilst up in Penang for the Chinese New Year I was wandering around a big department store called Parkson, whilst my gf was paying for some items she had purchased I noticed some water dispensers. There was a stand devoted to theproducts of a company/brand called Claytan, everything was in the same sandy / beife finish. There were 3 nicely shaped water containers in a shape like a more regular version of an urn with a tap at the bottom. I looked at the prices and thought they were extremely reasonable - cant remember exactly but something like 60RM for 1 litre, 80 for 2 litre and 105 for 4 litre. As she had just got to the front of the queue and paid, she commented that we had limited space in our luggage for the return to Kusala Lumpur and that there were plenty of Parkson stores in Kuala Lumpur.

Back in KL 3 different Parksons failed to stock any Claytan products, the 3rd one informing me that it is not one of their lines except when on promotion, the price in Penang was probably half price.

A teafriend told me that Claytan pottery is perfect for storing water for tea :(
They are from Johor and there is a village not far from Johor Baru where the whole of one long road is popilated on either side by different potteries.

Doesw anyone know of online sources for Claytan WARNING when I googled a lot of the results came up with PC health warnings.

Has anyone seen or used claytan pottery - note the rest of the display stand was just normal cups, plates, saucers, cereal bowls, dessert dishes etc.