Jan 31st, '06, 04:49

Swiss Gold

by Lakewaves » Jan 31st, '06, 04:49

I have a Jenaer and ran into a Swiss Gold glass pot with a gold infuser... it is way better than the Jenaer in my opinion. Pours easier infuses better and holds more ,.quart and a half..

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Jan 31st, '06, 14:02
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by librarianpirate » Jan 31st, '06, 14:02

I don't know many swiss gold teapots, but can I ask which jenaer teapot you've got? Some hold more than others, some pour better than others.

Feb 1st, '06, 03:14
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swiss gold

by lakewaves222 » Feb 1st, '06, 03:14

Hi librarian

My Jenaer is the Senso.....impossible to pour from with out being all over the counter ....lol and I think the laser cut glass tea infuser does'nt allow good circulation of the water, whereas the swiss gold is so fine yet water just falls right through when held under a faucet. I thought when I bought the Jenaer I had found the holy grail of teapots....lol . Swiss Gold is way better..... just john[/b]

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Feb 1st, '06, 04:46
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by librarianpirate » Feb 1st, '06, 04:46

Adagio doesn't sell the Senseo and I can't find a good picture of it online, but my Concert Teapot is fantastic. It has a gold filter, like Swiss Gold, that filters like a dream, and I have no problem at all with it's pourability. It also holds just as much as I need - 37 oz.

::shrugs:: I love mine. Again, I guess it just depends on which pot you have and your personal preferences.

Feb 1st, '06, 05:15

by Guest » Feb 1st, '06, 05:15

Senso is the name , you spelled out Senseo....but no matter.I never realized they had others . It was the only one that they had at the local food co-op where I shop.. But now I see they are no longer in the business of tea pots .... have to find them on ebay I guess ...lol Have an awesome day....just john

Feb 20th, '06, 10:46

jenaer teapots

by penandra » Feb 20th, '06, 10:46

There is a pic of the Senso here <http://www.dragonwater.com/product_detail.tf?id=172>

The Mikado is also by Jenaer and is a beautiful pot that pours well . . . also with the glass infuser there have been many other styles over the years . . . they are getting harder to find now that Jenaer is closing their doors.

I use an infuser from Republic of Tea with my Jenaer (I'm sure that must be politically incorrect!) . . . that way I don't burn my fingers when I'm removing the leaves from the tea.

Just found a new tea this past weekend at a "tea lounge" in the Castro (district in San Francisco) . . . am off to have some Lychee Black.

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