Sep 27th 09 2:32 pm
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by theteascoop » Sep 27th 09 2:32 pm

I'm really interested in the glass thermoses, and I've seen discussion of various ones here, but not specifically the libretea. I like the idea of this one because the inner wall is glass, which won't absorb flavors or leach, and the outer wall is poly, therefore more durable.
Also, is the one from Teas Etc glass or plastic? It was hard to tell from their website.

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Sep 27th 09 3:15 pm
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Re: Libretea

by Victoria » Sep 27th 09 3:15 pm

The one on Tea Etc. is two layer glass. I've not seen the plastic outter layer but sounds like it might be a good idea. Saves on weight and breakage and for slipping!

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Sep 28th 09 8:52 pm
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Re: Libretea

by woozl » Sep 28th 09 8:52 pm

It looks like the tea is confined in the filter area.
I question if there is enough space for full infusion.
Why not use a tea ball and a mug?
I do enjoy the one I have from life of tea as it allows
the leaves to swim in the whole chamber.
Looks great with "dancing" greens, like purple bamboo.