Apr 6th, '10, 11:24
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Green teas in glass pot?

by coconut » Apr 6th, '10, 11:24

What are you thoughts? Do any of you use a glass teapot for greens, chinese or japanese?

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Apr 6th, '10, 11:34
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Re: Green teas in glass pot?

by debunix » Apr 6th, '10, 11:34

Yes, works fine for my chinese teas, but the built in strainer/spout in the several I've used has clogged too quickly for japanese teas with the smaller particles.

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Apr 6th, '10, 12:07
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Re: Green teas in glass pot?

by Geekgirl » Apr 6th, '10, 12:07

Yep, ditto chinese teas, works great. Wouldn't use it for sencha. I prefer glass or porcelain for chinese greens.

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Apr 6th, '10, 12:18
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Re: Green teas in glass pot?

by beachape » Apr 6th, '10, 12:18

I prefer glass for Chinese greens. The heat dissipates nicely. Also it is fun to see the leaves in the pot.

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Apr 6th, '10, 12:41
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Re: Green teas in glass pot?

by Chip » Apr 6th, '10, 12:41

Yeah, I use glass for Chinese greens pretty often. Never for Japanese ... just seeems like it would be a disaster, so I never do it.

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Apr 6th, '10, 15:35
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Re: Green teas in glass pot?

by blairswhitaker » Apr 6th, '10, 15:35

had great results form chinese and japanese though I almost exclusively drink asamushi sencha's so this makes a difference and I'm not afraid to pull the strainer and brew without it.

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Apr 6th, '10, 23:54
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Re: Green teas in glass pot?

by brad4419 » Apr 6th, '10, 23:54

Oh yea, I prefer a glass teapot for chinese greens and white teas over any other brewing device. Herbals work very well also. Its fun to be able to see your leaves as they steep.

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Apr 6th, '10, 23:57
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Re: Green teas in glass pot?

by IPT » Apr 6th, '10, 23:57

Personally, if I am brewing Green Tea for myself to drink, I use a large Gaiwan. If I am brewing for others, I use a glass cup. The glass cup allows you to watch the tea leaves dance and unfurl much better than a teapot does. I use a clear double lined tall beer glass.

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Apr 18th, '10, 14:00
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Re: Green teas in glass pot?

by joelbct » Apr 18th, '10, 14:00

a bodum press works well for tea.

kyusu's are great for dedicated sencha brewing, they impart a noticeable complementary flavor to the tea. something about the kyusu clay.

but glass doesn't season so you can use it for everything.

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Apr 19th, '10, 14:33
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Re: Green teas in glass pot?

by murrius » Apr 19th, '10, 14:33

I have a Hario glass teapot that I use for daily sencha and Chinese greens. It works fine for sencha as it has a very large infuser that lets the leaves breathe and move around inside the pot.

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