Sep 26th, '10, 02:00
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Quality of product.

by MRico » Sep 26th, '10, 02:00

Hey guys, I'm new here and I hope I'm posting in the correct forum.

I'm thinking about ordering the glass mug and infuser gift pack for myself... ... 76ae2085b1

And after reading most of the reviews for most of the products, the one negative thing across all products seems to be really fragile product. Easily breakable because of its thin glass.

I'm wondering if anyone has ordered any product lately and the quality has improved?

Any help would be appreciated!

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Sep 27th, '10, 15:52
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Re: Quality of product.

by tortoise » Sep 27th, '10, 15:52

I don't have experience with that product, so my advice is limited. If you wanted it for knocking around in your car, home to office to grocery store, etc, maybe it's not a great idea. But if it's going to be primarily in one location it would probably be fine. Nearly everything breaks if you drop it on a hard surface. We all own precious teaware that we'd hate to break.

In fact, I have a product very similar in design to the one you posted, but all of it's components are ceramic! Fragile? Yes. Broken? No.

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Sep 27th, '10, 15:57
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Re: Quality of product.

by Victoria » Sep 27th, '10, 15:57

I have not used the infuser type, but I have several of these mugs I have had for years. Never broke one. :)

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Sep 27th, '10, 18:06
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Re: Quality of product.

by britt » Sep 27th, '10, 18:06

Although I don't personally own the infuser mug shown in the following link, I did purchase one for my sister and she said it was very well made. I do own, from the same website (Pure Puer), the glass teapot and pitcher. They are also very well made and are manufactured of high-quality, heat resistant glass. They are made in Taiwan, not mainland China, so the price is higher than similar-looking Chinese products which use lower-grade glass.

My first impression of the glass teapot was how light it was for its size. It felt very delicate, but turned out to be quite sturdy. I have not had any trouble with the teapot or pitcher and they're supposed to be able to sustain very large changes in temperature, which requires high-strength glass. ... nfuser%20B

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Oct 3rd, '10, 04:59
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Re: Quality of product.

by Alex » Oct 3rd, '10, 04:59

Yeah that's Y.W.Y glass britt. I got one of their glass pitchers from an eBay vendor and the quality is superb. Easily the best glass wares I've seen.

This guys sells loads of their stuff. ... 34.c0.m322

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