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Jul 3rd, '12, 10:12
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Article on glass (teaware)

by Drax » Jul 3rd, '12, 10:12

I was reading through a recent issue of Chemical and Engineering News and came across an article on uses for glass -- and it had a picture of a Song Dynasty tea cup. You should be able to see the whole article here, but I add one word of caution -- there's some gruesome pictures in there on using glass for healing wounds, so watch out if you're squeamish.

In case you can't see the articles on ACS or want to avoid looking at pictures of open wounds, here's the section from the article by Mitch Jacoby.
Mitch Jacoby wrote:While some researchers focus on new glass formulations for future applications, others study ancient ones. Weidong Li of Shanghai Institute of Ceramics together with coworkers at China’s Fujian Museum have been working to uncover the origin of the decorative patterns of streaks (“hare’s fur”) and spots found on glazed tea bowls unearthed from the Jian Kiln site in southern China. Now prized collector’s items, the bowls, which were used in traditional tea-tasting ceremonies, hail from the Song Dynasty (A.D. 960–1279) and were manufactured via long-lost techniques.
On the basis of microscopy and spectroscopy analysis, the group finds that the streaks and spots are iron oxide crystallites that precipitate during formation of the K-Ca-Mg-Fe oxide aluminosilicate glaze. The precipitation mechanisms are complex. For example, Li noted that some samples bear evidence that oxygen bubbles generated by pyrolysis of Fe2O3 rose to the glaze surface, dragging bits of anorthite (CaAl2Si2O8) and Fe2O3 with them. The firing treatment caused the low-viscosity, iron-enriched material to flow, form streaks, and eventually cool and precipitate between anorthite crystals. “Based on our study, we have been able to make good replicas of Jian bowls,” Li remarked.

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Jul 3rd, '12, 16:00
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Re: Article on glass (teaware)

by teaisme » Jul 3rd, '12, 16:00

"radioactive glass... that’s prepared as microspheres and used to destroy malignant tumors."

neato! :mrgreen:

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Re: Article on glass (teaware)

by debunix » Jul 3rd, '12, 16:09

Drax wrote:
Mitch Jacoby wrote:Based on our study, we have been able to make good replicas of Jian bowls,” Li remarked.

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