Jun 20th, '06, 15:45
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Jenaer 7.4 tea glasses hope

by Valdo » Jun 20th, '06, 15:45

I am desperately looking for Jenaer Glass 7.4 oz tea glasses I did not realize they're closed forever. Any leads, please help I need 4 packs - or 24 glasses. I am almost sick to my stomach I did not buy them last year.

Any leades? Please help... any other brands...


Jun 20th, '06, 16:46
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by rij73 » Jun 20th, '06, 16:46

Janaer's designs have been acquired by Trendglas:


They don't seem to be making the 7.2 oz glasses, but they do have larger ones. Perhaps they will carry the smaller ones soon...

Jun 25th, '06, 00:20
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by Valdo » Jun 25th, '06, 00:20

Thank you for the tip, I never thougth I would get so attached to some glasses but I am still searching. I'll be bugging them (Trendglas) next ;)

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